January 2015

Publication: "The Other Side of the Wall"

I'm very happy to announce that my american publisher Lerner Publishing has released my graphic-novel drüben! under the english title The Other Side of the Wall in the USA.


The book is available as paperback, hardcover and ebook.



"The Other Side of the Wall"

$ 29,32 (hardcover)

$ 9,99 (paperback)

$ 43,99 (ebook)

Softcover: 112 Pages

ISBN: 978-1-4677-5840-6 (hardcover)           978-1-4677-6028-7 (paperback)

          978-1-4677-7839-8 (ebook)

Publisher: Lerner Publishing



Event: Lecture

On january 16, 2015 at 9:30 p.m. I will lecture about my graphic-novels Vita Obscura at the Literaturbüro im Kunsttempel in Kassel. The event is part of the 2. Festival Grafisches Erzählen.

Afterwards  I will take part in a panel discussion with Birgit Weyhe and Andreas C. Knigge.


You can get more information right here.


2. Festival Grafisches Erzählen

Literaturbüro im Kunsttempel,
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 177

34119 Kassel



Event: Panel discussion

On january 10, 2015 at 6 p.m. I will take part in a panel discussion with Zeina Abirached, Cyril Pedrosa and Christian Maiwald about biographical comics at the Galerie Neurotitan in Berlin.

The event is part of the exhibition "COMICS ZUR LAGE DER WELT – Le Monde diplomatique" that also shows some of my work.

A signing will take place at 4 a.m.


COMICS ZUR LAGE DER WELT –  Le Monde diplomatique

Galerie Neurotitan
Rosenthalerstraße 39

10178 Berlin



Publication: "Der Freitag"


On january 9, 2015 you will find a new episode of comicstrip "Blutige Kohle" ("Bloody Coal") in the weekly newspaper Der Freitag


In 12 episodes the comicstrip tells the events that led to the horrible West Virginia Coal Wars that ended with the Battle of Blair Mountain and the first military intervention of the United States Air Force.




"Vita Obscura" (avant-verlag), 2014
"Vita Obscura" (avant-verlag), 2014
"Packeis" (avant-verlag), 2012
"Packeis" (avant-verlag), 2012
"drüben!" (avant-verlag), 2009
"drüben!" (avant-verlag), 2009